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New Glasses

Did you know that Medicaid only covers replacement glasses once every two years?  If a child's glasses are damaged or a new prescription is needed in under two years, the family must cover 100% of the cost.  We can help bridge this gap so children with visual impairments can continue to perform in the classroom without waiting for Medicaid coverage to kick in.  The Marjorie Hughes Fund also helps families who have no insurance get needed eye exams and glasses.

Emergency Medication

Some insurance plans allow children to have only one inhaler at a time.  This means the parents must choose either to have emergency medication at home or at school, but not both.  Some insurance plans do not cover prescription medication at all.  The Marjorie Hughes Fund can ensure that children have the medication they need, whether it's an extra emergency inhaler for school or a 10-day course of antibiotics.

MHF Supports the Arlington Pediatric Center

The Marjorie Hughes Fund collaborates with and contributes annually to the Arlington Pediatric Center.  APC’s mission is to provide a Medical Home offering family-centered care in a culturally-sensitive environment for children from birth through 18 years of age, living in Arlington County with family incomes below the Federal Poverty Level. APC features a full-time staff including pediatricians, nurses, care coordinators, case managers and a social worker.

The Marjorie Hughes Fund helps in other ways

​Marjorie Hughes Fund support is not limited to glasses and medications; there's a growing need for assistance in so many ways: 


  • Dental Care

  • Hearing Exams

  • Hearing Aides

  • Doctor Visits

  • Appointments with specialists



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