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SWIM-A-THON Fundraiser


SPLASH!  Swimming Pool Laps for Arlington School Health!  Arlington swim teams came together for a swim-a-thon. Swimmers from Washington Golf & Country Club, Chesterbrook, Donaldson Run, Overlee and Knights of Columbus pools swam to raise money for the Marjorie Hughes Fund for Children.


Special guest appearance by Tom Dolan,  Arlington's own 1996 & 2000 olympic gold medalist!


Thank you Washington Golf & Country Club for hosting this special event!







Williamsburg Middle School hosted rival elementary school 5th grade students in a match-up on the basketball court: Discovery vs. Nottingham. 


Ticket sale proceeds were donated to the Majorie Hughes Fund.


Thank you students, parents, and staff members from Discovery and Nottingham for your support and generous contributions!



         Northern VA Womenade

Northern VA Womenade events are organized to raise money to support local non-profit groups. All proceeds go directly to people in need. Northern VA Womenade selected the Marjorie Hughes Fund as a beneficiary at a recent event. Thank you Womenade for supporting  our most vulnerable students!


Are you interested in the work done by Womenade in our area? Please contact Terri Lynch ( or Sarah Nolan ( To learn more about starting your own Womenade group visit


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